The real Jan Sundberg by Kevin Carlyon

Back in 2001 I had arranged a trip to Scotland to talk to teenagers, mainly young women, about the do's and don'ts of White Magic after a piece in the Aberdeen Press and Journal. This caused great interest and many letters. However I said at the end that 'I suppose one day I'll be going up to bless Nessie'. This caused great excitement all over the world and once it hit the national press I couldn't resist doing it. At the same time I learned that a 'man'. Jan Sundberg, a supposed Swedish monster hunter, would also be there and I could see the potential of a news story 'The Witch, The Monster Hunter, and The Monster Hunter' and it indeed recieved worldwide coverage in the media. See I had never met Gary Campbell, President of The Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club or Mikko Takala who runs Nessie on the Net and has webcams with views all over the Loch. People worldwide log into this site to watch Loch Ness live in the hope of spotting Nessie.

I performed a spell to ensure that if there is a creature of any sort there Jan Sundberg would not catch or harm it in any way. Since I have many media contacts worldwide, including Independent Television News, Sky News, and the BBC News they all attended (the harbour was filled with reporters and satellite uplink trucks!) I allowed ITV to come out on the Loch in my boat as an exclusive; the intention being to throw a large stone talisman into the waters of Loch Ness to protect the creature, which I did. I should add here that my own theory is that Nessie is a spirit from a by-gone age, whereas others believe it to be a real solid creature.

Needless to say that Sunberg and I clashed at Lochness and he accused me of 'sabotaging his monster hunt and his media coverage' when, infact, they were there because of me!

Since then I've recieved abusive e-mails every now and again but now he has a big mistake by making up false claims about me and my many friends around Loch Ness. He says that I am gay, a junkie and have a ciminal record and more - ALL of which is completely untrue. Read on and you'll see that it is infact the reverse. Sundberg thinks I have cursed him. Well you never know but I am not a black magician either. I don't think he will be very welcome at Loch Ness again. I'll let you make your own mind up as to whether the man has gone more than a little mad...

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