Channel Loch Ness MonsterAs you read on through my site you'll find alot of mentions about Loch Ness and Nessie on the Net - the only live webcam with startling views on the Loch where it has now emerged that people are not just watching, sometimes for hours in the hope of spotting Nessie but also for theraputic help and relaxation. When I first went to Loch Ness in 2001 I was open minded about the existence of a creature there but after more and more visits I am now convinced that there is something in the Loch but I become more and more convinced that there is something maybe not of a solid nature but more of a spirit (ghost) from a by-gone age that appears when there are certain weather conditions and lots of static in the air.

Kevin blesses the Loch Ness LivecamsMikko Takala who lives close to the Loch has spent much time, devotion and resources setting up the webcams and is over the moon about the amount of 'hits' and visits he gets every month and if you would like to view Loch Ness now click here but do come back and read on afterwards.

In a damp meeting on Sunday 15th January 2006 on the banks of the Loch I had pleasure in meeting many of my Scottish Witches (I stress here not those who adhere to the Wiccan path) and supporters, including business people, from whom I accepted the gracious title of THE OFFICIAL PROTECTOR AND HIGH PRIEST OF LOCH NESS which is a life time honour and it may last longer than that if I decide to have my ashes scattered on the Loch after my death.

The following morning I was up at 4am to meet with Mikko and a crew from Channel 4's new breakfast programme 'Morning Glory' where we were filmed live from the banks of Loch Ness for broadcast nationally. It was weird because several different items of electrical equipment wouldn't function properly - almost like they were being drained of energy! Mikko came across brilliantly, talking about Loch Ness satellite truckpeople who had been trying to capture or harm Nessie in the past and the healing qualities of the webcams. He had some excellent publicity by displaying his website on his sweatshirt for the first part of the programme but for the second he was asked to put his coat on. The show had excellent feedback and my new title, in adition to being THE HIGH PRIEST OF BRITISH WHITE WITCHES was given out on the programme. It was also featured on local television, in the local and national media and of course here. I stress here again that I am not associated with any Wiccan or Black Magic groups even though I am dubbed 'King of the Witches'. After the tv programme Mikko had to call a friend to tow the tv's satellite van and car out of the field we had been filming in. Obviously Nessie wanted to stay on TV longer.

It has emerged that the Margaret Thatcher Government looked into the possibilities of Nessie being safeguarded by law as a protected species and I will now be writing to Tony Blair to ask the same as well as the term 'monster' being dropped and changed to 'creature'. If I don't get a reply, let's just say that he will only remain Prime Minister for a short 'spell'.

With my new title anyone that tries to harm or capture the creature will have the full 'Force of Nature' thrown at them.

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